China Hot selling Planetary Gearbox for Trucked and wheeled cranes wholesaler

Wheel generate, one reduction

one. The coupling (1) rotates in the route of rotation of the motor shaft (CW)
2. Enter shaft (2) splined to coupling (CW)
3. The sunshine equipment (3) is splined to the input shaft (CW)
4. Planetary gear (4) rotates relative to sunlight gear (CCW)
5. Planetary gear (4) drives ring equipment (5) in the very same direction (CCW)
6. Ring gear (5) connects to the hub (6), hub rotates (CCW)
7. Hub (6) hooked up to wheel/rim, wheel rotation (CCW)


Wheel Generate, Double Reduction

1. Coupling (1) rotates in the course of motor shaft rotation (CCW)
2. Input shaft (2) splined to coupling (CCW)
3. Primary sunlight equipment (3) splined to the enter shaft (CCW)
4. Planet gears (4) rotate opposite sunlight gear (CW)
5. Major provider (5) rotates reverse earth gears (CCW)
6. Secondary solar equipment (6) connected to the main provider (5) (CCW)
7. Secondary planet gears (7) rotate reverse sec. sun gear (6) (CW)
8. Ring equipment (8) rotates in the same direction as sec. planet gears (7) (CW)
9. Consequently driving the hub (9) (CW)
ten. Hub (9) hooked up to wheel/rim (CW)

Shaft/Spindle Output, Single Reduction

one. Solar gear (1) rotates in the path of motor shaft rotation (CW)
2. World gears (2) rotate opposite sunlight equipment (1) (CCW)
3. Provider (3) is driven in the same course as the sun equipment (1) (CW)
4. Spindle or shaft (4) is splined to the provider (3) as a result, it rotates (CW)

Shaft/Spindle Output, Double Reduction

one. Main sunlight gear (1) rotates in the course of motor shaft rotation (CCW)
2. Major earth gears (2) rotate (CW)
3. Principal carrier (3) driven (CCW)
4. Secondary sunlight gear (4) attached to the primary carrier (3) (CCW)
5. Secondary planets (5) rotate opposite secondary solar equipment (4) (CW)
6. Secondary provider (6) pushed (CCW)
7. Output spindle or shaft (7) splined to secondary carrier assembly (6) (CCW)